Low Impact Lower Body Burn With Millie Pryor

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Low Impact Lower Body Burn With Millie Pryor

We met up with fitness instructor Millie Pryor to show us her top 5 low impact moves focusing on the lower body from her Sculpt and Shape method. These barre and pilates inspired moves will tone your glutes and sculpt lean legs. You will need a mat and ankle weights if you want that extra burn.
Frog kick back
Starting in a four point kneeling position, the working leg being your right leg you will be down on left forearm while being up on the right hand for support. Bring your knee bent into a 90 degree angle out to the side then aiming to squeeze the knee into the back of the right arm kick back your leg maintaining the opening of the hip, knee bends returns to the 90 degree angle and then back to start position . Repeat 15-20 times each side
Jane Fonda
This move is in your side line bottom leg is bent and on the mat start. Unfold the leg up and invert the leg in front of you then lift the leg back up and then down back into the side line. Arm is up and in a ballet 5th position, this is optional your hand can be in front as support.. Repeat 15 reps times each side.
With the working leg being your right leg you will be down on left forearm while being on the right finger hand for support. Keeping your working leg long and straight this will cross over grounded leg, toe taps on the floor then sweeps up and over out to the side making a rainbow like shape. Be mindful to keep everything active here, core is strong and making sure you are not sinking into the shoulders while we sweep the leg up and over.
Single leg glute bridges
Lying on your back feet hip distance apart, optional to have arms up or keep arms along your sides on the mat. One leg is raised while the other leg is bent with your foot firmly pressed into the mat. If your hamstrings are tight feel free to bend the leg that is extended up. Lift your hips off the mat, initiate this movement using your glute muscle be mindful not flare ribs out and keep core tight. 15 lifts each side and to finish you will notice in the video the leg extended turn the toes out maintaining pelvic alignment, lower the leg for 8 mini lifts, working the inner thigh, the key here is not drop the hip!
Attitude derriere with 2 lifts
Starting position with the right leg as your working leg so then your left forearm is down on the mat and you are up on the right hand. Bending at the knee (the knee points outwards) your shin skims the grounded leg then lengthening straight behind then lifts up and down twice we repeat for 15 to 20 times on each side. 
Dancer kicks

Lying on your side with your forearm down, bottom leg is bent, top leg kicks then bring the knee back in and straight into a front kick, the upper body moves dynamically here, chest lowers up and down with the movement of the top leg. So if the leg is unfolding behind the upper body leans more into the mat and then rises as the leg then kicks out in front. Try this for 15 times each side and then on the last rep hold your leg straight behind to lift and lower here 10 times.

Follow along as Millie Takes us through each of the exercises here.

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