Indie Bay Very Berry Pretzel Protein Bars

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Protein Bar Recipe - Make your own delicious Protein Bars at Home

Bored of your everyday protein bars? Not to worry, Indie Bay has collaborated with us on this unique recipe that includes berries, pretzels, oats and our favourite ingredient - chocolate.

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Indie Bay Very Berry Pretzel Protein Bars


2 Cups of rolled oats

Handful of almonds chopped up 

Bag of Indie Bay Cheeky Dark Choc Pretzel Bites, crushed

Bag of Indie Bay Lightly Salted Thins

Big squeeze of maple syrup

Tbsp of coconut oil 

Handful of dried raspberries and blueberries

100g of good quality dark chocolate, melted

Pinch of salt flakes



1. Grab a bowl and mix together oats, almonds, dried raspberries, blueberries and salt.

2. Now it's time for the wet ingredients. Get a cup and pour in the maple syrup and coconut oil. Mix together (this may take some time - you can't hurry perfection)

3. Once it's all evenly mixed, pour over the dry ingredients and gently combine.

4. Pour half of the mixture in a 8 x 8 inch baking pan or equal sized mould.

5. Generously scatter crushed Dark Choc bites all around then pour the remaining mixture on top and flatten to make smooth and even.

6. This is where we kick it up a notch. Pour the melted dark chocolate, and run a knife across the top to make sure it's even.

7. Place the Lightly Salted Thins on the top. You can get creative on this if you wish.

8. Stick the tray in the fridge for 1 hour, or if you really can't wait, pop in the freezer for 20 minutes.

9. The good part: Cut into 2 x 2 inch bars and serve at room temp. Enjoy!


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