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Do I need a protein supplement in my diet?

2 min read

Do I need a protein supplement in my diet?


Some of us know everything about protein, where to get it and why we need it... but for the majority of us, we have no idea. 

We partnered with Free Soul Protein to debunk some protein supplement myths, and help us become more informed when deciding on whether we want to add a protein supplement into our diets. 


1.Will adding protein make me bulky? 

Absolutely not. Protein is a fundamental macro-nutrient, rich in essential amino-acids required for the optimal function of your body. Protein provides your body with slow-releasing energy, and because it takes time for your body to break down protein, it keeps you fuller for longer – so you’re less likely to feel hungry and snack.


2.Doesn't it make your food taste artificial? 

Some mass market proteins contain artificial sweeteners, which aren’t great for your body, and often have a chemical aftertaste. Free Soul proteins are flavoured with plant-based, all natural, ingredients, so mixing into your food & smoothies tastes absolutely delicious! Plus, because of the purity of the ingredients, Free Soul protein is easy to digest.


3. Isn't it better to just eat the protein naturally? 

If you can get all the protein that your body needs through natural whole foods, then absolutely. However life has never been busier, and it’s often a struggle to get enough protein into your diet, and that’s where using Free Soul protein to boost your recipes, or even to have on its own is ideal. Additionally, Free Soul is rich in superfoods & vitamins – all in the perfect proportions to support female wellbeing, so you’re getting a lot more than just protein in each scoop.


4. I don’t exercise enough to need a protein shake

 It’s essential that you have a high protein intake, even if you don’t exercise at all. A high protein diet has a plethora of benefits beyond supporting an exercise regime. It supports optimal enzyme function, ensures you have healthy hair, skin, & nails, keeps you full of slow-releasing energy to just name a few. Beyond these benefits, your body needs enough protein to function optimally, so make sure you’re getting lots in your diet.


5. Plantbased protein is less effective than whey protein

 It all comes down to the amino acid profile. Most vegan proteins have a less comprehensive amino acid profile vs whey, which is why some say that it’s less effective. This is why Free Soul’s protein is multi-source – it has an incredibly comprehensive amino acid profile that is more effective than Whey Protein.


6. Is it just for shakes and smoothies or can I cook with it? 

You can cook with it, bake with it, add it in your smoothies, or even have it with just water. Get some protein baking inspo on the Free Soul IG.


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