Cancer Research Charity Cycle from Dover to Amsterdam

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Cancer Research Charity Cycle from Dover to Amsterdam - Pocket Sport

Here at Team Pocket supporting our community is so important to us. When Simone, Kim, Luca, Libbie and Mai got in touch and explained their Charity mission we jumped at the chance to offer them our support. We were so touched by their story and the importance of this charity cycle that we wanted to share their experience with our Pocket community.
Congratulations on cycling an amazing 470km in 5 days from Dover to Amsterdam. We’d love to hear how you know each other and the reason behind your trip? 

We are 5 friends who have met each other through each other from primary and secondary school, through to university. We have become extremely close friends over these years so it was a no-brainer to support our bestie Kim on this once in a lifetime experience. We are so grateful to have shared this experience with one another.

“The idea of this trip came about because, unfortunately, in July 2020 my mum was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. This was a horrible time for my family but these guys were there for me when I needed them. Mum was fortunate enough to not be subjected to chemo or any invasive surgery and she had a new treatment that consisted of one tablet a day with very minimal side effects. I felt very blessed that the bad situation didn’t have to be made even more traumatic by hospital trips and being unwell which was all down to pioneering drugs and modern research. For this reason I decided that I wanted to raise money for Cancer Research UK and help to improve someone's (and their family’s) life post diagnosis and hopefully even help towards a cure.

I initially signed up to ride Vietnam to Cambodia with a tour company, however, the pandemic of course got in the way and put paid to that idea. But it all happened for a reason and I am so happy I got to do it with these guys instead as it’s so nice to share the memories. I asked if they would cycle to Amsterdam with me because I didn’t want to go alone and they couldn’t have said yes fast enough."

We were so honoured to support you in providing a pair of leggings each to wear whilst completing your challenge. What was it that made you want to partner with Pocket Sport? 

"I’ve been weightlifting for 10 years now so when Louise made her debut in the fitness industry, she became an inspiration and a huge role model for me. I love the brand that she has built, empowering women every day in the fitness world. Pocket Sport is a brand that I have always admired, and I knew Pocket Sport would be an amazing partnership for our really important and special cause."

Covering such a huge distance must bring with it many emotions. Can you tell us about any memorable highs or lows?


"Got to say the high was arriving at our finish line in Amsterdam to a prosecco shower (bucket list). It was very emotional and I did shed a tear. I think we will probably all say the same low of the torrential rain on the last day. The shortest but definitely the hardest. It was pretty much constantly raining and it was windy so it felt slightly like being slapped round the face with glass and it was freezing cold."

"A memorable high for me was completing the first day where we covered 80 miles. We were incredibly lucky to be able to enjoy the sun rising and setting during our cycle. It was absolutely beautiful – we even had to stop for little photoshoots on the way. No camera could really capture its beauty and I couldn’t have asked for better company. So proud of my mates! My low was when the weather turned for the worst and I had a minor collision with Mai. I fell off my bike and ripped my lovely pocket sport leggings. From then on, the fight and determination to get to Amsterdam was at the max. I could not wait for some warmth and to complete the mission."

"Overall the trip was an incredible experience that taught us to overcome any boundaries that came our way. We worked as a team to motivate one another and to keep up a good pace to reach our destination. The biggest low for me was the the last day, we were all very tired and the ride was starting to get painful. We had the wind against us and about an hour into the ride it started to rain heavily. It wasn’t long before we had puddles in our shoes and had big cold raindrops hitting us in the face at a fast pace. The best part of the ride for me was when we arrived in Breda at around 5pm. This was the 3rd evening but the first time we had arrived at our destination before dark. We went to a beautiful restaurant by the river and had a great evening."

"The cycle was full of highs and a couple of lows, but overall it was an unforgettable experience and one I am eager to do again! We worked as a team, supported one another and had lots of laughs along the way. Having the opportunity to take part in this endurance challenge with my closest friends has been the highlight of my year. The cycle from Utretch to Amsterdam was the low of the whole cycle. We were exhausted and tired on the last day heading to Amsterdam when we got caught in torrential rain. We got absolutely soaked and were freezing! Arriving in Amsterdam to see our friends greet us with a champagne shower was really touching and we immediately ran to hug each other knowing we had made it (alive)!"

"Despite waking up at 2:30am to get our early morning ferry in the pitch black it made it all worth it to see the glorious sunrise as we cycled through French countryside and the excitement at the beginning of our adventure together. 
I was the only one that managed to get physical bruises in my peach - the struggle was hard getting back on the saddle each morning. Cycling in torrential rain on our last day into Amsterdam our vision was completely blurred by how much rain was pouring and we’re literally had puddles in our shoes!"

How did you find the Pocket Sport leggings when cycling?

Comfort – So comfortable. Overall 9/10.

Durability – So far so good. Unfortunately for Simone, the leggings didn’t survive her collision.

Warm/Cool– The leggings kept us at a good temperature, keeping us warm in the cool weather but not too thick to cause us to sweat.

Flexibility/Movement – Excellent. It felt light and as though you’re not wearing anything. One of our favourite feeling leggings.

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