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Ria Gandhi

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Ria Gandhi - Pocket Sport

On the 20th of October, Team Pocket met up with Core Collective trainer Ria Gandhi and spoke about fitness, how she started her journey, and where she is now. 

Tell me a little bit about yourself? How did you get into fitness?

I have always been really sporty into fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

My stepdad is a personal trainer, and my mum's really into the gym and nutrition. So I feel like it's always been a part of my lifestyle.

I really like fitness, and I knew wanted to be in the wellness industry somewhere!

After taking Nutrition in school, I started focusing more into the nutrition side of things, and I moved to London and got a job at Core Collective as a chef. And in due time became head chef!

Also, after only being there for about a month, Core Collective started an academy for trainers. I was super into the gym anyway and my form was good because of my stepdad being a personal trainer. So I started doing my PT course alongside my kitchen hours. And then they decided to close the kitchen, so I filled my days with loads of classes, and now I'm pretty much full-time teaching!

I didn't know exactly the path that would get me to here, but I’m happy that this is where I ended up!

What kind of Classes do you teach?

I teach circuit training, Sweat and strength,TRX, and then a row class as well.

Were you active as a child?

I did athletics all through school, which I loved, running, high jump, that sort of thing. 

Is there anything you suggest for people trying to do what you do?

It's a tough one, because I think everyone follows their own path. I don't think there's a set way in. I think the main thing is that you're just really passionate about what you do. You've got to love it, because the hours are just all over the place. I work early mornings, evenings, lunch times. And I have private clients as well.

I think it's about having a drive and a passion. You have to really care about what you do because you're looking after people's bodies. Passion and care are so important.

I’d also say that my drama background (took drama in Uni) really helps with teaching classes, because it is a bit like a performance. If I'm having a bad day, I can't go in that room and be like- oh today I had a really bad day. Each one is like a little show.

How has Covid been? Has it impacted your job?

I would say it’s actually impacting my job for the better. I ended up doing something I would much rather do. Not that I didn't like being in the kitchen, I loved it. But my true passion definitely lies within fitness.

 If you could go anywhere at all where would it be and why?

I'm half Indian but I’ve never been to India. I feel like I need to go there, definitely to experience the culture, and meet my family

What are you favourite activities? Exercise and not

This is quite a cliche, but I love going on a long walk. Listen to a podcast or music in general. I walk so much. I do like 30,000 steps a day! Mainly to and from studios and from my house to work. I just would choose to walk. I mean, my sister thinks I’m crazy. I’m surprised my feet haven’t fallen off by now!

Exercise wise I love the training that I do. I love the classes. It’s kind of all I do at the moment.

Oh, and I love nothing more than going to the pub and have a glass of red wine.

What type of training is your favourite and why?

There’s nothing better than a total body workout for me! I like to mix up high intensity training, but also like weight training as well to slow it down to build a bit of strength.

What does a typical day look like for you? Or does it change all the time?

It changes every single day. I tend to teach on average two or three classes a day, but it just depends. I might have nothing in the morning and then have them all at once in the evening. Or I might have them spread through the day. Then in between that I have private clients as well.

Random Lightning round:

Go-to healthy meal?

Breakfast - porridge with protein powder, little bit nut butter, berries.

Dinner - veggie bowls, Roasted vegetables and then the greens and quinoa.

 Go-to unhealthy meal?

Pizza - Really tomatoey, really cheesy, but just a margherita.

Instagram feed or Stories?

I’m actually really bad at posting on Instagram. But stories are less commitment.

 Favourite place in the world?

Cliché but.. My Mum’s!

If you were an animal what would you be?

A bush baby! It’s the eye to head ratio.

 City, Country or Beach?

I miss the country and I love the beach; I can lie in the sun the whole day. But I think with the stage that I'm at in my life right now, I'm definitely a city person. I want there to be things going on. Like my job, especially. It's good to have lots of people around. But I do love the countryside, that’s where my mum lives.

 What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone looking to embark on their own fitness journey?

I think to never lose sight of reality and that it’s all about balance. I feel like people get so overly caught up in their goals and they can get so restrictive or obsessive. You have to never lose sight of fun things as well.

 What’s next on your journey? Any goals you’re focusing on?

I don’t know what’s next in my journey, I don’t really plan things out that much. But my goal is just to keep improving and to keep learning. I never want to feel like I’ve paused it, or I’ve achieved it all because I feel you’re always a student, and you’re always going to learn.

I’m surrounded by such amazing trainers all day, every day. So, I feel I just want to keep surrounding myself with those kinds of people, keep learning from everyone and just improve myself as a trainer.

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