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Melissa Owusu-Ansah

3 min read

Melissa Owusu-Ansah - Pocket Sport

Team Pocket met up with Melissa Owusu-Ansah, founder of Fit Ansah. She spoke to us about her athletic background, content creation and where her future is headed.

Tell me a little bit about yourself? How did you get into fitness?

Growing up I had a younger brother who was only a year and a half younger than me. So we did a lot of things together. I used to go watch him play football and drop him off at training, and now and again they would need someone to be in goal. So, my first sport was football, but I ended up playing a lot of different sports right away.

Then I started taking athletics pretty seriously. Got into rowing and track. And started getting into competing. I even went to the Olympic trials in my last year of Uni. Looking back at it now, I found I was chasing fitness because it really helped my mental wellbeing and it started building my confidence.

What do you do now? What was the journey to get there like?

I still have my 9 to 5, but what my main focus is building and revamping my fitness page. Initially my Instagram started as a journey of returning to athletics after university. It got some traction and people started following me! I was shocked. Like, why are you following me? But I kept with it and that’s how Fit Ansah came about.

Through lockdown I also started a beauty page. To show that there is more to me than just fitness. So, on there I would do some beauty and styling. But for me it wasn’t necessarily about the actual content. It was just all about building my confidence and getting out of my comfort zone 

Is there anything you suggest for people trying to do what you do?     

I would suggest to just make sure you're enjoying what you're doing. That's easier said than done when it comes to fitness, but try to enjoy it. Also, give yourself credit for all of the victories no matter how small. If you don't look at those, you'll never see where you've come from.

How has Covid been? Has it impacted your job?

Well luckily I can work from home. It’s quite a luxury as many people can’t. But through Covid, I did realise how important fitness was to me. Now we’re onto lockdown 2.0 and I’m ready to focus on my fitness page. I've started showing small things that you can do at home just to wake up your body, especially for people that are working from home. I want to show them that you have to find a balance between work and the rest of your life. Even if it is in the same place literally, you have to be intentional about every part of your day. Do your work, but then at the end of the day, slam down the laptop, tuck it away and let life start.

If you could go anywhere at all where would it be and why?

Funny thing, 2020 was going to be my year for travel. Obviously, that’s not happening. But I’d say somewhere adventurous, but also with a relaxing beach. That, or Bulgaria for a ski holiday.

What are you favourite activities? Exercise and not

Exercise wise it would be running track. Otherwise, I absolutely love creating content. I used to be a behind the camera person and never liked being on camera. But look at me here today!

Lightning round:

Go-to healthy meal?

Do I even have one? Actually, there is the nicest salad from M&S with salmon, potatoes and watercress. That would be my snack after training usually.

Go-to unhealthy meal?

If I want to go to town and be really unhealthy, I'd go to a local chicken shop. Get some ribs, and some chips. 

Instagram feed or Stories?

Oh, I love a great feed aesthetic! But stories are so easy just to tap through.

Favourite place in the world?

I’d say Ghana, it’s such a peaceful place. Everyone is just so warm and friendly there.

What’s next on your journey? Any goals you’re focusing on?

I'm actually trying to establish a YouTube channel make sure I'm consistent with that. A mix of lifestyle, beauty and fitness. One of my childhood goals was actually to be a TV host. But I was so painfully shy. So this is my next step to push myself out of my comfort zone and show the world who I am.

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