Hannah Coward-Whittaker

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Hannah Coward-Whittaker

Tell me a little bit about yourself? How did you get into fitness? 
I have always been into fitness and health since a young kid. I went to a very sporty school and spent most weekends and evenings playing netball, hockey or rounders matches.
My family is very fit and healthy. I have been cooking from scratch since I was very young. My parents installed very healthy eating habits since I was a child, so I can now say I would rather grab a roasted veg and hummus wrap than a MacDonald’s for a treat.
What do you do now? What was the journey to get there like?
I am now a Holistic therapist, I have a psychology degree and I’m also a CBT Hypnotherapist. I combine this more traditional therapy side with the Indian philosophies in yoga and breathwork to help people overcome anxiety, low mood,
help people lose weight and gain confidence. I still have a part-time job in marketing, but this lockdown has given me more time to spend doing what I love, helping people gain confidence and feel good. I actually got stuck in India for the first lockdown in a yoga Ashram but that’s a long story.
Is there anything you suggest for people trying to do what you do? 
I would suggest trying out new things, going to new classes, talking to the teachers and asking them their background. Do a course and immerse yourself in things that bring you joy. If you have the passion and true desire to make it work, and you’re not fully happy doing what you do now, what have you got to lose?
How has Covid been? 
Covid has been interesting. Having to spend the majority of the first lockdown in India was stressful for my family but actually quite amazing for me. I did yoga and meditation daily, was surrounded by like-minded people and spiritual teachers. The second one hasn't been as ideal, I opened a small yoga studio in Essex and started to grow my client base and that all had to stop for lockdown but I’ve taken the time to work on my therapist training and have a few case studies left to do under supervision. I have also made an Etsy page for my Organic Yoga Bolsters I use in my studio.
If you could go anywhere at all where would it be and why?
I would go somewhere sunny! I love Oz, Bali and Hawaii as people have a very holistic and adventurous lifestyle. Wellness and health is part of their every day. 
 In Hawaii, people ask you ‘what you enjoy doing?’ as opposed to ’Where do you work?’. Work isn’t everything to them.
What are you favourite activities? Exercise and not?
My favourite activities are cooking, I love to try new recipes especially raw desserts and sweet but healthy treats. A recent favourite is a black bean and sweet potato brownies and zucchini lime cake. I also love climbing, I go outdoors in the summer and indoors in the winter. Need to build up my noodle arms! I also love yoga obviously as a yoga teacher and I like weight training at the gym.
Go-to healthy meal?
Buddha Bowl with lots of roasted veg, avo, seeds, hummus topped with chicken or falafel.
Go-to unhealthy meal?
A Turkish take-away but I don’t think they are too bad, so maybe a juicy burrito.
Instagram feed or Stories?
Well, I’m rather inconsistent with both. I would rather see someone in person than watch someone's life on my phone, but I do get inspired by many of the accounts I follow who I don’t know in person. I like to add some food for thought on my Instagram, so probably would have to say feed.
Favourite place in the world?
South Africa or Hawaii but I think a place is often made by the people and length
of time you stay. Both of these places I stayed a while with people who lived there, so I got a very authentic taste.
If you were an animal what would you be?
Probably a baby elephant as they have hyper moments and can be very clumsy but are also very calm and emotionally caring animals.
What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone looking to embark on their own fitness journey?
I would say go for it, take this time and make something positive of it. Covid has thrown the world into chaos and people of all ages are having to start fresh. We have the time to stop and realise what we once lived for can be taken away overnight and at the end of the day, our health and happiness is what really matters.
What’s next on your journey? Any goals you’re focusing on?
Next for me is to build HHH, Holistic Health Hub, have my yoga studio busy and thriving with people of all ages and abilities. I would love to run a holistic retreat next year. I like the idea of bringing like-minded people together, having fun doing what you enjoy while helping each other. I’m excited to see where HHH goes and who it can help, so many amazing things have fallen into place for me this year I can’t wait to see what 2021 has lined up.

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