Pocket Project

As a brand that talks a lot about moving, we want to practice what we preach. That’s where The Pocket Project comes in. It’s an initiative that keeps our community (and our team) motivated to move in new ways and rewards the effort – big or small.

What actually is it?

You’ll find The Pocket Project on the Brandbassador app [hyperlinked]. There, we post a weekly mission for you to try – like a Work From Home Workout, or a morning run. The idea is to get moving because it feels good, not for competition. For every mission you finish (and mark as complete in the app), we’ll fill your pocket with credit. Good, right?


The Pocket Project isn’t about personal bests, or pushing yourself too far. It’s trying new things. It’s getting outdoors. It’s doing it at your own pace. It’s sweating and laughing. It’s a bit like having a virtual PT, but more fun, and a lot less planking.

How do I start?

Download the app here to start tracking your MOVES and earning credit.

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