Join the pocket project...and let’s get moving, together!

We believe now more than ever it's crucial we all stay active and keep moving. With this in mind we've created The Pocket Project, a new initiative promoting togetherness, encouragement, and pushing yourself and others to achieve their fitness goals.

What is it?

Whether you are just starting out and looking for motivation, or your fitness journey is well underway, all are welcome. Sign up for free and complete workout challenges, hit personal goals as well as challenging your friends and community to do the same.

Why join

Do the work and we'll dress you for it! We want to reward you for bettering yourself, so for every challenge completed, we will provide Pocket gear and incentives to keep you both motivated, and to carry you safely through any workout and more crucially, life. We want to get people moving one Pocket Pal at a time!

How do I start?

Download the app, fill out a quick & easy form and tell us about your fitness journey and why you want to join The Pocket Project!

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