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Pocket meets Zooki - The daily supplement routine you can look forward to

4 min read

Pocket meets Zooki - The daily supplement routine you can look forward to

Ensuring that we are providing our bodies with enough essential nutrients is an important factor for our daily body function as well as when exercising. We caught up with pioneering nutrition brand Zooki to get the inside scoop on all things Zooki and how we can best aid our bodies to ensure optimum health and functionality.

What was the inspiration behind Zooki?

Zooki was born out of necessity - it all started when our co-founder, Marcus, suffered a knee injury whilst playing rugby. To aid his recovery, Marcus was prescribed Omega 3 fish oil capsules from his doctor. Cue the horrible taste and fishy burps that come with taking typical fish oil capsules. Convinced there had to be a better way, Marcus and his school friend Jack set out to create great tasting supplements that actually work, and that you could look forward to taking every day. And with that, Zooki was born!

What makes Zooki stand out from other nutrition brands?

Zooki is not just a name we give to all our products. It's a seal of approval: whenever you see the word 'Zooki', it's a guarantee that the aforementioned is designed to be the best in its category, formulated with nutrient delivery and absorption in mind, is enjoyable to take and easy to fit into your daily routine.

At Zooki, we understand that all nutrients are unique and we formulate accordingly. We started 5 years ago with our pioneering Omega 3 Zooki, and now have a range that covers 8 different nutrients. Each one utilising a unique approach, tailored to the nutrient in question.

We combine nutrients with beautiful flavours to ensure that your daily supplement routine is something you can look forward to - because if you’re going to take something every day, you should enjoy it!

What products do you offer to compliment exercise and working out? 

We have several supplements which cater to both performance and recovery. Our top 3 Zooki favourites for a pre or post-workout helping hand are Turmeric Zooki, Vitamin D Zooki, and Omega 3 Zooki. 

How can Zooki benefit your health when exercising? 

Why Turmeric Zooki?

Whether you’re a professional athlete or weekend warrior, adding Turmeric Zooki to your routine, with its abundance of bright yellow curcuminoids, may well prevent post-workout muscle and joint soreness. These potent active ingredients work by calming down the enzymes that cause inflammation following exercise-induced muscle damage. We know that we need to micro-damage and repair the muscles for them to grow. But the DOMS we could do without -  which is where daily turmeric comes in. By wrapping the turmeric up in lipids we get over the sticky problem of its notorious poor absorption, and make sure we deliver those precious curcuminoids to where they need to be.
Why Vitamin D Zooki?

Athletes are as prone to vitamin D deficiency as the rest of us. But when you consider how important vitamin D is to bone strength, muscle function and immune status, you might think we would be more aware of it as an aid for performance. Studies have shown that higher levels of vitamin D in the body are associated with reduced injury rates and better sports performance all round. So if you’re looking to maximise your athletic potential, or just minimise your chance of pulling a muscle,Vitamin D Zooki is a must.

Why Omega 3 Zooki?

Think of Omega 3 Zooki as the oil for your bike, or the new springy padding in your trainers. Fish oils have been receiving a lot of attention in the sports world recently, and with good reason.  Firstly, the body needs oils to prevent everything from scraping over itself. But as well as that, fish oils may also help to improve endurance through effects on both the cardiovascular and the respiratory systems. They may also reduce post-workout soreness by dampening down inflammation.  Finally, they act as antioxidants, helping to mop up the free-radical damage caused by strenuous exercise. 

These 3 superstar products form the best-selling Zooki Performance+ Bundle for supporting exercise and recovery. 

Zooki can be a great way to support your body pre, during and post exercise - making sure you’re covering all bases and giving your body the nutrients it needs to perform at its best. 

For anyone looking to start adding nutrients into their routine but they’re not sure what’s best for them, what would your advice be for getting started?

Health and nutrition is something unique to each individual - there are no quick-fixes and one-size definitely doesn’t fit all. Factors such as age, gender, diet, lifestyle, activity levels and life-stages all need to be taken into consideration when looking at how to best achieve your health goals - and different nutrients work better for different people. 

It’s a lot for one person to tackle, and the space of nutrition and wellbeing can be tough to navigate. This is exactly why we’ve called on an expert to help guide you in the right direction. If you are looking to get started with supplements, or even if you currently take supplements but you’re not sure if it’s the best thing you could be taking - we’ve collaborated with a leading nutritionist to provide you with a tailored nutrition consultation quiz. You can take the quiz here - it only takes a few minutes, and will help to guide you in the right direction towards meeting your goals!

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