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Inside Pocket

Katie Service

Beauty editorial director, author and jewellery designer Katie Service shows us you really can do it all! Read how she juggles the many parts of her career, all whilst being a mum!
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Rosie Stockley

Rosie Stockley founded MAMAWELL to provide women with education and insight into their bodies in the pre and postpartum period, and beyond. She gives us insight into her journey so far and advice for the year ahead.
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Andrea Ochoa

We had the wonderful opportunity to speak with holistic wellbeing coach Andrea Ochoa. We spoke about her life journey, and how she now feels she's come full circle.
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Tara Guinness

Team Pocket had the opportunity to zoom call with Tara Guiness, Founder of Tara Cookery and co-founder of Feconomy. We spoke about her career and whats next on her agenda.
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Emma Rego

Team Pocket spoke with Photographer Emma Rego about her career path and what she looks forward to in 2021.
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Selina Raye

We had the opportunity to speak with consultant and fitness lover Selina Raye to discuss her love of exercise, her career and how she has been handling the changes in 2020.
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Hannah Coward-Whittaker

Team Pocket had a catch up with Holistic Therapist and Yoga teacher, Hannah. She spoke about her practice and her journey to get there.
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Melissa Owusu-Ansah

Team Pocket met up with Melissa Owusu-Ansah, founder of Fit Ansah. She spoke to us about her athletic background, content creation and where her future is headed.
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Sophie Oti

On the 4th of November, the day before the national lockdown, Pocket Sport had the opportunity to meet with Trainer Sophie Oti, and interview her about her fitness journey.
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Ria Gandhi

On the 20th of October, Team Pocket met up with Core Collective trainer Ria Gandhi and spoke about fitness, how she started her journey, and where she is now.

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